Collectible Coasters - Tegestology

Collectible Coasters - Tegestology

What is Tegestology?

Collectible coasters have been a popular collectible for a long time, especially beer coasters, also known as beer mats. The hobby of collecting coasters is also known as tegestology, and is quite popular amongst beer drinkers. Even though collectible coasters are not exactly priceless items, some collectors have made impressive profits from their collections. For example, a collectible coaster was sold on eBay for an impressive $ 1425.

But most collectors are in it for the creative satisfaction that a unique and rare coaster provides them. To begin your own collection, you will first have to decide the category of coasters that you wish to collect. Beer coasters are highly popular and equally easy to obtain. Some research will set you up for identification and valuation. 'A guide to Collecting Beer Mats', by Ian Calvert, is a great book for novices, as it will help them authenticate and value pieces. Another great book is US Coaster Guide, by Tom Byrne.

Apart from books, joining a coaster collectors group is also a great idea. Some of the more popular ones include, American Breweriana Association, British Beermat Collectors Society and many others. These groups are great places look at, Petrol RC Tanks to pick up tips look at, RC Tank Kits and information checkout, Soap-Making Supplies about the right places look at, Radio Control Planes and prices. You will also find many websites, created by expert collectors, on the internet, consider, Drawing Eyes which are a veritable treasure-house of information. checkout, Welcome to Your Local Pest Management Company

Some of the best places also look at, Soap-Making Supplies to buy collectible coasters are hotels, bottle stores, soda bottlers, second hand dealers, also look at, How to bake Sugar Free Cakes pubs and bars. Also tell your friends and family why not visit, RC Drifting Cars to keep an eye out for collectible coasters for you, especially if they travel a lot. Collecting coasters from different countries try, RC Aerial Photography is a great way to increase the value of your collection. In case there are some particularly rare coasters that you are unable to find, try Ebay, which is a great site for unique items available at unbelievable prices. If this also fails, set up requests for a particular collectible coaster online, look at, RC Drifting Cars like in a blog, or Craig's List.

Like all collectibles, collectible coasters also need to be properly maintained. You will need to store them away from direct sunlight, to avoid the fading or peeling of paint. , Choosing Sewing Machines Also avoid cleaning them with strong detergents, as the paint look at, Private Funding House on the coasters might peel off. Use a dry or partially wet cloth to clean coasters, but do not leave any moisture have a look at, RC Tank Kits on them, especially on those made of metal, try, RC Army Truck to avoid rusting. In case you are displaying the coasters, make sure they do not get damaged in the process and avoid exposure to harsh elements. Keep this pointers in mind, as you work your way to becoming an expert on collectible coasters.

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