Crochet Stitch

No Crochet without the right Crochet Stitch!

A crochet stitch is the most basic aspect used in creating crochets. With the prevalence of crocheting in the 19th century, different crochet stitches also came into prominence. Today, however, numerous other new crochet stitches have been introduced and the old stitches are now categorized under vintage crochet stitch.

Crocheting is a fun and interesting hobby, not only with respect to creating crochets but also in terms of buying or collecting various crocheted items. Before creating a crochet, it is important to know about the various crochet stitches and techniques to make them. The basic crochet stitches are chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet and treble crochet stitch, joined treble and slip stitch. Apart from this, there are a number of fancy stitches as well, such as picot, waffle, space, block, cluster and filet stitch.

Crocheting requires some basic tools also look at, Preserving Flowers to get started, such as yarns or threads and crochet hooks. Yarns or threads come in a forms of cotton, jute, wool and synthetic, while hooks come in a range of steel, wood, , Whitewater Kayaking aluminium and plastic. have a look at, Prospecting and Fossicking It is should be noted that plastic have a look at, RC Electric Helicopters and aluminium hooks are used for synthetic threads, wooden checkout, Team Losi hooks are for jute and heavy woollen threads, and steel hooks are used for fine cotton and woollen threads. Besides, threads and hooks, while creating a crochet stitch, you must keep scissors and a needle handy.

Though the basic technique of crocheting is creating a loop at an end of the thread and then passing the complete yarn through the first loop and further pulling the shorter ends of the thread in opposite directions to tighten the loop around the hook, yet there are some specialties pertaining to the creation of each of the crochet stitches. To create a chain stitch, draw a thread through a loop on the hook and continue with this action of creating loops until you have the desired number of chains. To create a single crochet stitch, you need to begin by making chains of desired length and then insert the hook in the second chain from the pointed end of the hook. After drawing the thread through the second chain, turn the yarn over and continue passing through both the loops on the hook until you have reached the end of a row.

Further, to create a double crochet, insert your hook through the fourth chain from the end of the hook and continue yarning through two loops over the hook. Treble crochet stitch is made similar to double crochet with the exception that instead of once, the yarn is taken twice over the hook. To increase by one stitch in a single crochet, after inserting the hook in the desired stitch, pull a loop, then insert a hook and pull another loop. To decrease by one stitch in a single crochet, after inserting the hook in a stitch, pull a loop and then continue the process twice. Moreover, to create a slip stitch, you need to insert your hook in the next stitch, yarn over and then pass through both the loops on the hook.

Now, that you are aware of some techniques of the basic stitches, here are the techniques of creating some fancy stitches such as picot, popcorn of 5 double crochet and back post double crochet. You can easily create a fancy stitch like picot by inserting your hook through the third stitch and then pulling a loop through it. To create popcorn of 5 double crochet, you need to first make 5 double crochet stitches on a row and leave the last loop of each stitch on the hook. After the 5th double, you need to pull through all the loops in your hook to create a popcorn pattern. To create back post double crochet, you need to first insert a hook front to back in between two stitches, and then go back between the former stitch and the one before that.

There are many other techniques to create the stitches and you need to practice each stitch thoroughly in order to master it. You can search the internet try, RC Glow Cars for free tutorials, which will effectively help you in learning the various stitches. You can even go through "The Crochet Stitch Bible" by Betty Barnden to get a detailed overview of the various styles of crochet stitches.

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