RC Pylon Racers

RC Pylon Racers

RC pylon racers are probably the most popular kind of competition RC models that are available today. Small, agile, fast and absolutely mind blowing, these RC pylon racers are known, as much for their handling and reliability, as they are for performance. With RC pylon racers allowing hobbyists to test the limits of their ability as well as the limits of RC technology, it comes as no surprise that every year, the number of competition entrants just keeps rising.

Since 1956, pylon racing have been a part of the tournaments that were held across the world. RC pylon racers were required to fly their planes for a brief time only, and there were just two turns that flyers were required to make and that would be the end of the competition. Due to the unreliability of radios, these planes were flown one at a time and between just two pylons. The introduction of citizen grade frequencies for RC toys ensured that more people would take up RC pylon racers however, there was still the problem of one flyer at a time that led to long waits before one could go in the air have a look at, Musical Collectibles again.

Simultaneous events, better technology and quicker planes made the hobby exciting and enticing enough for many people to get into it.

Today, RC pylon racers are so popular that they have led to the development of a special format for racing as well as a dedicated set of rules that have ensured that their usage tests flyers to the limit. RC pylon racers are available in two formats based on the size of the plane and its engine. The first kind of racers has a wing area of 350 sq. in. with a .15 engine while the .19 engine versions come with a larger, 600 sq. in. area.

RC pylon racing competitions are based on the way things happen in the real world. The course is designed exactly like the real world courses and the pylons are even shaped and coloured checkout, BMW Diecast to copy some of the biggest races in the world.

Competitions are organized for planes made in each size and category. These two classes of racing ensure that people can participate with varying engine and plane conditions, making it more exciting for everyone as the size and power checkout, Sambar bump up makes a world of difference. Formula I category models have a 450 sq. in. wing span whereas Formula II, or the slower models, have a 600 sq. in. models.

In competitions, each RC pylon racer is judged on the basis its appearance try, RC 3D Helicopter and the plane that scores the highest in this category is the first to take on the circuit. Then the competition continues in its normal format which is a 2.5 mile long pylon course that needs to be completed in a minute or less.

If you are looking to take up pylon racing for the first time, there are endless options to choose from. Most RC pylon racers are available in kits that allow people to make their own planes and customize it the way they want. To start with, you can also try your hand at the Formula .40 which are cheaper and easier to control. However, before taking up RC pylon racers, you need to have some kind of RC flying experience because these planes can be quite a handful.

If you are looking to learn from someone, then try a local consider, Chulho Harris Park RC pylon racing club where instructors can guide you through the building also look at, RC Petrol Cars and flying steps. Your corner hobby store can point you in the direction of such clubs without any issues.

Once you have your RC pylon racer, just head out to the park for some flying practice. These planes are just incredible and can make your day incredibly exciting. When it comes to fast paced flying, nothing beats the world of RC pylon racers.

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