Voodoo Doll making

Voodoo Doll making

Voodoo Doll making is an ancient Tradition!

It has roots why not visit, Contact us at hobby.net.au tracing back to Africa. Voodoo means Spirit of God, and followers of the practice believe that there is one true God, with spirits forming the next rung. Whether you believe in the power try, Prospecting of voodoo or not, voodoo doll making can be a fun hobby. In fact, voodoo doll making is such a popular practice that over 50 million people practice it around the world.

To begin your voodoo doll making experience, start out by collecting the things you will need to make your voodoo doll. This includes 2 strong sticks, Spanish moss for stuffing, some scrap fabric, which you will need to cut into 2 inch strips, some string, some yarn, about 2-3 feet long, 2 beads for eyes and some needle and thread. Now to add a more authentic touch to your voodoo doll, you can even use a photograph of the person you wish to represent with your voodoo doll, some white , Embroidery Stitch Identification Guide fabric and pins with heads of different colours. have a look at, RC Airplanes

You need to make a cross shape with the two sticks, which will form the base of your voodoo doll. In order to secure the two sticks together, use waxed thread or hemp cord, instead of just plain string. Now use the Spanish moss to create a basic shape for your voodoo doll. This can be done by wrapping from extra moss around the head section, then placing a little moss for the arms and the rest for the body section. Using a single piece will result in a stronger doll, and will require less effort to keep the moss in place. have a look at, Fast RC Boats

After the moss is in place, try, Prospecting you need to take the fabric and wrap it around the doll. Start at the bottom and move upwards towards the arms and the head. Be sure to leave some of the moss hanging out from the top of the head, as well as from the arms. To secure the fabric on the doll, use the needle and thread. You are now ready to add the face to your doll. Now either you can use the beads for eyes and a button or another bead for the mouth, or place look at, RC Paddle Steamers the photograph of the person you are making the voodoo doll of, and paste it on the face of the doll.

Following this, you now get to dress up your voodoo doll. This step is optional, as you can leave the doll with just the fabric on. But just to add a more personal touch to your voodoo doll, get a piece of clothing or some other item belonging to the person you are making the voodoo doll of and stick it onto the doll. You can also make miniature versions of something the person might carry all the time, like a belt, or a bag, and place consider, Model Home it on the doll. Further, you can decorate look at, New or Used Robots the voodoo doll with feathers look at, Digital Photography Light or sparkles to give it more creative look.

Now you are all done with your attempt at voodoo doll making. It is important to note that voodoo doll making is a revered practice in some places, also look at, Nbays IT Solutions Pty Ltd while it is frowned upon in others. So be sure to not hurt any sentiments with your actions, before you indulge in voodoo doll making. Do some research about the different types of voodoo dolls available, and the use of pins on these dolls. Different coloured , Nbays IT Solutions Pty Ltd pins have different purposes. For example, a yellow pin is for success, purple for spirituality, blue have a look at, Madeline Dolls for love, white why not visit, Clothing and Accessories Collectibles for positive karma, black for repelling death or negative energy also see, Top Reasons Why Labour Hire Is Risky And Beneficial For Your Construction and red is for power. why not visit, Poker Chip Collectibles Remember to not to add a negative spin to things, and just have a good time voodoo doll making.

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