Aquacraft RC models offer an exciting range of high speed crafts look at, Collage Software combined with an equally brilliant collection of low speed boats and yachts that add up to a wonderful day at the local try, Tin Toy Collectibles pond or even in your swimming pool. If you have very little space to run your boats and are still looking for something exciting, then an Aquacraft model is what you need. Aquacraft designs consider, Collectible Hats models specially meant for people looking to waste no time in building why not visit, RC Quadcopter Plans their water why not visit, 5 Crucial User Interface Layout Tips for Mobile App Developers crafts, picking them straight out of the box and heading to the waters. why not visit, RC Leopard

Aquacraft designs also look at, Collage Software and produces boats for new and experienced hobbyists of all age groups. These boats are pre-assembled in the factory with almost everything in place. have a look at, RC Trucks The engines are plugged in, ready to run; the servos are in place; the radio equipment is connected, waiting for your fingers, while the boat is assembled, ready to be plunged into the water. look at, CB Radio Accessories

Made of fiberglass, wood have a look at, RC Race Cars and even plastic, have a look at, RC Quadcopter Plans you will find these crafts also see, Special Sewing Techniques in a variety of colours have a look at, RC Bulldozer and radio options depending on your taste. While most boats come with a standard also see, UHF CB Radio 2-channel radio controller, you can easily go in for more advanced models that have 3-channel, or more, radio controllers as part of the standard try, Voodoo Doll making equipment.

Aquacraft models are painted in exciting colours consider, Collectible Hats and as the boats are mainly in the racing genre, they are vibrant and come painted with race markings. The boats vary in size and while you can go in for a tiny, self-righting, Reef Racer 2, you can also choose to go in for an almost 5-foot long, V24.

If you are looking for something ominous, then you can choose one of the Aquacraft models designed by RC boat legends such as Mike 'Grimracer' Zaborowski's VS1, which has won over 10 national titles with its wood-tunnel hull or even the Jerry Dunlap designed - Miss Vegas. Most models are Ready-to-Run while a few, like the VS1, require just 6-8 hours of minor assembly.

While Aquacraft boats are mainly built to run on Nitro fuel, you can also go in for electric why not visit, UHF CB Radio models such as the Atlantic or the Alligator Tours boat. The boats are excellent small scale models of real-life boats such as a harbour trawler, or a fishing boat or even the guided tour boat from the Everglades swamps. The boats are extremely realistic with even the smallest of details laid in.

Aquacraft has made serious efforts in keeping the boats at minimum maintenance for the hobbyist by using lid-popping fuel tanks, look at, Home Brewing water-tight engine and servo holders and light checkout, CB Radio Band weight material to ensure that you have to do as little as possible before hitting the waters. consider, RC Trucks All Aquacraft models also come with their own display stands, making them interesting and attractive pieces for your shelves.

If you are looking for fast paced fun and are not willing to wait and build a boat from scratch, then choose from one of the many high performance boats brought to you by Aquacraft.

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