Madeline Dolls

Madeline dolls are based on the Madeline character in the stories of the same name, written by Ludwig Bemelmans in 1939. Today Madeline dolls are available in a large variety, from highly detailed collector dolls, to just simple rag dolls. Even though character dates back to 1939, the Madeline dolls are much more recent, with the first commercial Madeline dolls being manufactured in 1996.

As their popularity grew, Eden Toys, the company which began manufacture of the first Madeline dolls, soon started manufacturing other characters from the stories as well. This included Miss Clavel and the other girls, all dressed like the original characters. In fact, these first few Madeline dolls were so true to the actual character that they even had the appendix scar.

Madeline Dolls on the Web

Collectors can search websites like Ebay for Madeline toys by Eden toys. Even though all the Madeline dolls wore school uniforms, they differed for each character, with Madeline being the only one with a red plaid uniform, Mary Jane shoes, yellow hat and blue coat. also see, Martial Arts The other characters wear , Display Cases different uniform variations.

But Eden Toys are not the only manufacturers; collectors can go for other manufacturers also look at, Radio Controlled Monster Trucks as well, though they might not be as close to the original characters in the book. For example, the Madeline dolls by Learning Curve, do not wear also see, RC Replica Boats the traditional uniform, and are in fact dressed in more modern clothing. Madame Alexander is another doll maker, wherein the Madeline dolls retain the original Madame Alexander face and body.

It is important to remember that the older Madeline dolls had straight hands, while the newer ones have curved hands. This will help you date the dolls you wish to purchase. Though not very heavily priced, original Madeline dolls can get quite expensive, and still require some checking. Also, collectors can not only collect Madeline dolls, but also the accessories checkout, CB Radio Shops that come specially for these dolls.

The most popular of the Madeline doll accessories look at, Sugar free Strawberry Surprise Muffins was the 'Old House consider, BMW Diecast in Paris' doll case, which came out before all the doll houses. have a look at, Fanuc Robots - Fanuc Robotics Produced by Eden Toys, this doll case is capable of carrying two dolls, as well as a few outfits for each. Another popular character amongst Madeline dolls was Nona, which is now a highly sought after collector's item.

Take all the proper measures to ensure your collection remains safe. also look at, Electric Airplanes Depending on the material of the Madeline dolls, you will need to take adequate measures to keep them safe. try, DIY Shower Doors All these steps will make sure you get the most from your collection of Madeline dolls.

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