Risk - The War Game

Risk - The War Game

Go to War with Risk!

Risk is particularly famous amongst war game enthusiasts. Touted to be the first warfare game in the history of board games, Risk is a board game that is played by two to six players. Most of us have played this game at least once in our childhood and probably still do. A great mix of strategic planning with a touch of history, Risk gives you 42 territories, divided into six continents that you have to conquer, before your enemy does.

Created by Albert Lomorisse, who was a French filmmaker during the 1950s, Risk was officially released in the end of the 1950s and was called the La Conquête du Monde, which means “the invasion of the world”. At this time it was only released in France.

The board of this game has the world map as it was during Napoleon's time. Each player has his own army and they attack other players territories and try to conquer them. The objective of the game is to conquer the maximum numbers of territories. Once, a player has lost all of his territories he is eliminated from the game and the game continues with the remaining players. But while playing, the players have to ignore the practicality of their invasions. So, don't bother to argue about how an invader crossed the Atlantic Ocean in two seconds as it is of little consequence in case of this game.

Risk comes equipped with six sets of army pieces, differentiated by colour. try, Digital Photography Training Players take turn in attacking each others' army units with the help of the dice rolled. Once a continent is conquered the player is awarded a card, wherein only one card can be awarded in one turn, and a collection of three similar cards can be traded in for reinforcements. There are 72 cards in total.

In order to play this game, every player is given a certain amount of army units which vary according to the numbers of players included in the particular game. The players are required to provide reinforcements to every territory under them and the remaining units can be used according to his wish.  Players may also get more army units as and when they occupy more territories. For example, if a player occupies entire Asia, then he will get seven more army units, for Australia two units and for Europe he will receive five units of army. Apart from these, there are also, infantry cards which allow the players to get extra infantry while playing the game.

Today, Risk is a very popular game, which is apparent from its easy availability of its online look at, Famous Robots and virtual version. Hundreds of people play Risk everyday on the Internet, also look at, Collectible Rugs and Carpets but the board version of Risk is still going very strong. A sense of victory provided by this game is incomparable and is the main reason behind the success and popularity of Risk.

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