Kite Festivals Australia

Kite Festivals Australia

Go to the Beach and enjoy Kite Festivals Australia!

Kite festivals in Australia are a great attraction, offering a wonderful day at the beach with the family have a look at, Blacksmith Iron and friends. Each year, a number of kite festivals in Australia see hundreds of enthusiasts gathering at various venues to show their wonderful creations and watch professionals fly their wonderful aircraft. Kite festivals in Australia have always been a major deal with the locals have a look at, RC Balsa and over the years, the level of competition and skill checkout, Hockey Display Cases has evolved rapidly to provide crowds with a wonderful platform to watch this exciting and colourful sport.

One of the most famous kite festivals in Australia is the Festival of the Winds. The competition began in 1968 and is held annually at the most famous beach in Sydney, Bondi Beach. The festival is known as one of the premier kite flying competitions in Australia and is known as a festival where people make friends amongst like-minded kiting enthusiasts. The festival focuses on choosing the best looking kites in many different categories.

If you are looking for something in with a little more variation to the regular kite festivals in Australia, then there is the Coolum kite festival of Australia that has rapidly picked up pace since its origins in 2000. Held annually at the Coolum beach, the festivities include kite flying competitions attended by a number of prominent competitors from across the world. Kites of various shapes, sizes and beautiful colours checkout, Calligraphy Ink are a common sight at the festival.

The Adelaide International Kite Festival is another major event in the list of kite festivals of Australia. The festival is a regular event at the Semaphore Beach and is a major event with a special section for junior kiting enthusiasts.

But unlike regular kite festivals in Australia and across the globe, there is another feature also see, RC Buggies Competition of the festival that is quite unique to the Coolum kite festival of Australia. Along with flying kites, there is also a competition of kite surfing that is a part of the festival. Parachuting is also a regular feature try, Philosophical Languages at the Coolum kite festival and this makes the competition quite unique.

There are many other kite festivals organized in Australia although most are at a community or town level. At the top level, these two kite festivals of Australia are also amongst the topmost festivals across the globe. If you are an enthusiast of kites, the being a part of the kite festivals of Australia is a wonderful experience that one can't miss.

Brisbane Kite Festival

    Coolum Kite Festival

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