Make a Collage

How to make a collage is a compilation of the techniques to be followed in making various forms of collages. Collage, which is derived from the French word "coller" meaning glue, is an art of attaching substances of different types, shapes, sizes, colors have a look at, Model House Materials and textures to a base to form a piece of art. The basic components you need to collect to make a collage differ according to the type of collage you are creating. Decide on the type of collage you are making depends on your basic materials such as, paper collage, painting checkout, Yoda Origami collage, picture collage, wood also see, Yoda Origami collage, decoupage or digital collage. This will depend on the availability of these items, as well as your personal preference. Even though the basic materials might differ, the basic steps to make a collage remain the same.

The basic Supplies for making a Collage

The basic supplies required of making a collage include the collected items such as paper, pictures, paintings , Traxxas and ribbons, to mention a few, a pair of scissors, a base, which could be a canvas, paper, a wall have a look at, DIY Kitchen Tiling or any other area you want your collage to be placed on, and glue. Your collected items can be newspapers or papers of various colors consider, Sugar free Raspberry Jam Muffins and texture for paper collage, paintings try, Easy Origami for painting consider, 4 Simple Yet Effective Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners collage, photographs and pictures for picture collage and wood also see, AXI RC Motors pieces for wood , Plane Spotting - Aircraft Spotting collage. Apart from these, other unused items such as ribbons, buttons, stones consider, Sydney Wide Tree Cutting and even fabric pieces can be used. There is no restriction to the items you can use and you can even mix all the styles to make a truly unique creation.

When you have finished gathering all the items for your collage, choose a base according to your choice of color also see, Stress Management for Artists and texture. The base may either be a hard paper or a considerably big piece of wood why not visit, RC German Panther or an enlarged photograph or even the wall why not visit, Palmistry of your room. look at, DIY Kitchen Tiling Place try, Trench Art Collectibles the collected items on the base and glue them separately to the base. Flatten the glued pieces with your fingers or fold portions of the pieces to give an enhanced artistic look. To apply glue uniformly, you can also prepare a diluted solution of glue, consisting of one part of glue and three parts of water, also look at, Memorabilia Display Cases and apply it on the items placed on the base. Let the collage dry for a few hours and later if you want, you can either put in some decorative pieces or write on your collage to make it more personalized.

To create a decoupage, you can use several layers of pieces of paper to get a three dimensional image, you can even use glass also look at, RC Fast Nitro Cars for that purpose. There are several software, which help in creating digital collages, such as Adobe Photoshop, Picture Collage Maker and Pixel Image Editor. Here, the types of collages are limited to that of picture and photo. You need to either download pictures or use digital photos for this type of collage. Drag and drop the pictures and photographs on a blank document and apply blurring or any other effects to change consider, DIY Bathroom Mirror the appearance , Film Making of the pictures. After applying a frame or a boundary surrounding the art, you can take a printout of your digital collage and pin it on your wall checkout, Hitec RC Accessories for everyone to see.

Apart from this, you can also search the internet have a look at, Counted-Thread Embroidery for free tutorials related to collage making. Get hold of books and learn the art before actually starting with it. Search for hobby clubs practicing collage making or open a club of your own inviting other enthusiasts and share mutual ideas, all of which will help you make a collage.

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